One-minute walk from Gora station

Gora located about half way point of
Hakone mountains,
and it is the transfer station for cable car.
It is a convenient location
for sightseeing in Hakone.
Enjoy the nature of Hakone.

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How to get to Emblem Flow Hakone
from Gora station

When you go out from Gora station, there are souvenir shops. In front of the right most building (post office), there is an underpass. Please go through the underpass then Emblem Flow Hakone is right in front of you. (Stairs only)
*If you have large suitcases, please go straight along the train rail, and cross the railroad. It is a longer way but there are no stairs.


Emblem Flow Hakone, 1320-179, Gora, Hakone,
Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa, #250-0408

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