One-minute walk from Gora station

Gora is considered a half-way point
through the mountains of Hakone.
Easily accessible to the train station
and the bus stop - heading out to
hiking trails, art museums,
and popular tourist spots from our hotel
is easy with or without a car.

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How to get to Emblem Flow Hakone
from Gora station

After exiting the ticket gate at Gora Station, take the exit on the right. You’ll find yourself in front of a post office and on the right you’ll find an underpass. Go through the underpass (take the stairs) and voila, you’ll find Emblem Flow Hakone right in front of you.

If you have heavy luggage / baby stroller, we recommend you use the longer route without stairs: head straight after exiting the ticket gate. It won’t be long until you find a railroad crossing to your left. Cross the railroad crossing, and take a left. Keep walking straight until you find Emblem Flow Hakone appear right in front of you.


Emblem Flow Hakone, 1320-179, Gora, Hakone,
Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa, #250-0408

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